About Me

I’m Mel. I’m 51 but on a good day I feel a lot younger! I have given roots and wings to my two very intelligent, very independent, very tall, very gorgeous girls who I am hugely proud of and who I love more than anything.

I have just moved to Madrid and am starting the next period of my life. Although it’s exciting and scary I am relishing every moment. 

I love my very supportive family and my equally supportive friends. I love eating gambas al ajillo and drinking banana smoothies. I love gin and prosecco. I love walking by the sea. I love good books. I love watching Big Brother and I love dancing with friends and I really, really love siestas.

One thought on “About Me

  1. Caroline and David says:

    Is that Gin-and-Prosecco together, as in a cocktail? Or gin, and prosecco, separately? Could do a nice cocktail with gin-and-prosecco, maybe with some of ‘my’ Cointreau and a splash of pineapple, or orange juice. Think we might be on to something there.

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